Daubenya how to grow?

Hans Huizing hanshuizing@home.nl
Mon, 06 May 2013 00:52:47 PDT
Good morning Anders,

Daubenya and Massonia are in our region "winter growers".

They will start to grow from end of August, early September.

Make sure they get enough light, that is essential.
Temperature 20 - 25 Celsius.

Use a sandy soil and refrain from peat components.

I use a mix of;
2 potions builders sand
2 portions of fine gravel (2-5 mm)
2 portions of Pumice (2-5 mm)
1 portion of Cocopeat.

Do not water too much.

 From February/March the plant will tell you it wants to go in rest.
The leaves will get brown.
Store the plant in rest in a cool and dry place.
Give a little water 1x Month to avoid drying out of the bulb.

And from August/September when the plant starts to grow again start 
watering again and give more warmth and light.

If you have more questions, just ask.

Kind regards,

Hans Huizing

Op 5-5-2013 21:25, Anders Bo Petersen schreef:
> Just fallen in love with the this species. Any suggestions how to grow it as a potplant in a window sill here in Denmark?
> Regards
> Anders
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