Muscari armeniacum - What to do with all the bulblets?

J. Denys Bourque
Sat, 11 May 2013 13:52:27 PDT
Dear All,
My neighbour has given a big lot of Muscari armeniacum that he was throwing away. I sorted them by size: large (1,5 - 2 cm), medium, small, tiny. Many of the large and medium are in bloom, and I will be planting them in several large pots, then I'll bury the pots so I can fine them after the flowers and leaves have faded.

I was wondering how to handle the bulblets - I must have 500 of them - and would appreciate any advice from more experienced members.  Can I also plant them in pots the same as the larger ones and expect them to grow in size and eventually bloom.  My idea would be to plant them in a swath once large enough?  Grateful too for advice on how deep to plant them?  6? 8? 10 cm ?


J. Denys Bourque
Saint-Jacques, NB   CANADA [Zone 3a]

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