Germinating Gladiolus

Dave Poole
Fri, 03 May 2013 11:43:12 PDT
I've recently become more and more fascinated by the South African species and having found a reliable seed source in South Africa, have ordered about 10 sp. for starters.  Looking back through the PBS archives,  I note that there is mention by Diane Whitehead of the seed needing to be alternately chilled and brought back to normal temperature for about 1 week in order to 'kick start' the seed into growth.  There appears to be no subsequent comment about this so I'm not certain as to how important this chilling really is.  Can anyone enlighten me?  The sp. I will be growing are: G. aquamontanus, cardinalis, cunonius, dalenii, ecklonis, oppositiflorus, priorii, pulcherrimus, saundersii & vinosomaculatus.  

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