Germinating Gladiolus

Sat, 04 May 2013 12:41:40 PDT
A big difference between night and day temperatures is something I don't have in my maritime climate.

One day when I was in Middelpos, South Africa, it was plus 23 in the daytime and minus 8 at night. That is the variation my city experiences between between a summer day and an unusually cold winter.  Imagine having it within 24 hours - and yet, there were many flowers blooming, and probably seeds busy germinating.

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On 2013-05-04, at 8:02 PM, "Michael Mace" <> wrote:

> Dave wrote:
>> I'm not certain as to how important this chilling really is
> What they seem to need (is)
> a good swing between nighttime and daytime temperature.
> They will be hardy to light frost, but protect from temps below 20F (-6)

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