Book offer

Mary Sue Ittner
Sat, 25 May 2013 06:58:08 PDT
I purchased my copy of Grow Bulbs from Silverhill Seeds before the 
PBS group offer. The cost of postage was almost as much as the cost 
of the book. I believe at the time Arnold organized this group order 
he estimated the cost to ship it out of the country and concluded 
that it would cost less for people who did not live in the United 
States to buy it elsewhere if they wanted it. In other words there 
would be no benefit to overseas members if the extra postage cost was 
added and it would be a lot of extra work for Arnold. Silverhill 
Seeds still offers this book.

The Pacific Bulb Society only charges an extra  $5 for membership for 
people who do not live in the United States. This does not cover the 
extra charge to mail the Bulb Garden to members who do not live in 
the United States. When I was on the Board there was no discussion 
about raising the rates for those members because international 
members were valued.

Mary Sue

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