Chasmanthe sp.

M. Gastil-Buhl
Tue, 28 May 2013 07:29:38 PDT
Here is my Chasmanthe that is in BX 339………

Perhaps someone recognizes which species it is. It is not clear to me.  
Mine blooms between November and December. Height is variable, from 3  
feet to 4 feet, rarely to 5 feet. It grows in half shade to full sun.  
It grows too well in my garden. It is hard to get rid of once  
established. The seeds are bright orange when fresh. The flowers last  
well in a vase. It grows easily from seed all by itself with no help  
directly in the ground here.

These are common in Santa Barbara. There is a large patch of them on  
one of the freeway entrances. If you plant this in Southern California  
you will never be rid of it.

- Gastil

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