Red Lily Bug

stephen munro
Sat, 11 May 2013 12:37:18 PDT
A insect expert at my local NARGS chapter meeting reported that these creatures have recently been discovered near Seattle, WA.  The population is being closely watched but the belief is that they are here to stay in Puget Sound country.  What have been you all's experiences with these lily bugs and what controls have been effective?
Stephen Munro
Seattle, Washington State

From: J. Denys Bourque <>
To: Pacific Bulb Society <> 
Sent: Thursday, May 9, 2013 10:49 AM
Subject: [pbs] Red Lily Bug

Dear All,

My fritillaria came out 10 d ago and, of course, I started checking every day for these sap sucking monsters. Well, I suppose they have a purpose in the Grand Scheme of things, but I'd rather they would have stayed in Europe.

After three days, as a precaution, I dusted the three plants with wood ash and after 20-30 min rinsed the leaves off with water.

Only, one week later a fourth one came out, about 2 m = 6 ft from the nearest of the others. Three days later, although no more than 6 cm = 3 in. tall, it was covered with not less than 10 of the beasts. I immediately applied ashes and watched them drop to the ground, sort of dead, like. 

I've been checking them twice a day since; a few came back and I dusted again yesterday. This pm all are clear. 


This treatment was found in Brent & Becky's Bulbs Fall 2012 catalog, contributed by one of their customers.

I'm nonetheless prepared to use the other treatments suggested by contributors to this forum.

J. Denys Bourque
Saint-Jacques, NB   CANADA
Canadian Zone 3A

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