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Tony Avent
Fri, 24 May 2013 14:14:20 PDT

I know she had lots of issues with someone hacking her account and posing as her last year to get money sent to them.  Sounds like the scammers are still operating. 

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Dear All,

A few days ago I received a plant list 12/13 of Chen-Yi nursery, at least looking like a plant list from her. After some correspondence I start to wonder if this was a fake list.  Orders should be paid for in advance by Western Union with an all too high amount of minimum order.
And very expensive postage.
Strange also to send out a list of mostly herbaceous and bulbous plants now when they are all in full growth. And there was some incorrect spelling in the e-mail adress.
Checking the website of Chen-Yi nursery there is no such list of 12/13, the last list is of 11/12

Does anybody know if Chen-yi is operating at all? Has anybody else received doubtful e-mails under her name?



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