An Early Gladiolus

Judy Glattstein
Thu, 23 May 2013 18:30:33 PDT
In between the downpours (1.45 inches of rain today, great mushroom 
weather) I visited a friend and we looked at this and that in his 
garden. One "this" was a clump of narrow leaved, fuchsia pink gladiolus 
in bloom. It seems rather early for them to be in flower, don't you agree?

He e-mailed me a couple of pictures, taken with his cell phone shortly 
after I left. David Pilling very kindly put them up on the Mystery Bulbs 
page. I apologize that they're somewhat fuzzy, I'll try and get back in 
the next couple of days and get some better ones.

My friend doesn't remember when they were planted but it was clearly 
before last winter. And they've made a nice little clump. He would like 
to have a name for them - anyone have a suggestion?

Thanks in advance for your sagacious advice.


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