Heat treatment for mosaic virus

Steve Marak samarak@gizmoworks.com
Thu, 09 May 2013 10:03:17 PDT
I had always assumed that this process required a circulating immersion 
heater (like sous-vide cooking) precisely for that reason. Those can 
keep a water bath, as long as the volume of water is not too large, 
within 0.1 C or so of the target temperature. I had never thought an 
oven would be well regulated enough until I read Ellen's post yesterday. 
That must be a very well controlled oven indeed.

Alberto, how does your group control the temperature in your research?

On 5/9/2013 8:00 AM, David Pilling wrote:
> Hi,
> In message <BAY156-W248FECDB93ECAC113B9B1FAEA40@phx.gbl>, Alberto
> Castillo <ezeizabotgard@hotmail.com> writes
>> recover. The reason is evident: to reach 46 C at the core the outer
>> portion must be almost boiled.
> The laws of thermodynamics beg to differ. If your bulbs are exposed to a
> constant 46C for long enough (above there is mention of 2 hours) the
> temperature at the centre will be the same as outside.

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