lachenalia bulbs and skin itch

Lorraine Zinnack
Sat, 11 May 2013 06:05:13 PDT
We have been harvesting lachenalia and a number of other kinds of spring flowering bulbs, from a  commercial bulb nursery which has closed, and replanting them on our property.  We've nearly been driven mad with itchy skin and itchy lumps/welts, even on those parts of the body which are covered by clothes . As we'll be handling bulbs frequently from now on we need to find a way to protect ourselves and our workers from being adversely affected by what we've been told are Calcium oxalate raphides (needle-like, microscopic calcium crystals).

Although I have not handled any bulbs over the last couple of days, the itch is growing in intensity and spreading to new parts of my body, now even making my eyes and scalp itch.

Can anyone suggest the best thing to use to stop the present maddening itchiness, and how to prevent future problems?  Please help!

Lori (South Australia)

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