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Where can one find this article you referenced? 
> "The Chinese Grab Bag

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On May 24, 2013, at 7:54 PM, Jane McGary <> wrote:

> Although a number of interesting plants have entered cultivation in 
> North America and elsewhere via Chen Yi's nursery, it is widely 
> thought that some of the material is collected in the wild. I have 
> heard people justify this with the argument that so many plants are 
> endangered by wild collecting for Chinese herbalism that taking a few 
> for horticulture is relatively benign. That doesn't seem like a valid 
> argument to me.
> Moreover, most people who have received plants originating with Chen 
> Yi have found that many of them are misidentified, and that the same 
> species can be sent under several different names. The only ones I 
> ever bought were Fritillaria species obtained through a middleman in 
> the UK, and they were almost all misnamed, though I did end up with 
> viable bulbs of two species (not the five I paid for, and not with 
> the names they came under).
> Jim McClements wrote an article on his Chen Yi acquisitions (he 
> specializes in woodland plants) and titled it "The Chinese Grab Bag." 
> He acknowledged, however, that a couple of items from the grab bag 
> were extremely good!
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