Freesia laxa

Mary Sue Ittner
Tue, 28 May 2013 09:41:13 PDT
Most people have found the blue form of Freesia laxa much less 
vigorous and harder to grow than the red and white forms. Some of us 
never had success even though we could grow the others easily.  So 
even though I had failed a number of times before, since Gastil 
continued to offer these on the BX and I like blue flowers and had a 
high BX credit I decided to give them another try. I reasoned perhaps 
there would be something in the genetics of her plants that made them 
easier to grow. None of the seeds germinated for me. It's strange 
that this plant from a summer rainfall area blooms for her in winter 

Anyone else have luck growing Freesia laxa subsp. azurea and if so 
how do you treat it, as a summer grower or a winter grower?

Mary Sue

>These grow easily from seed and flower in one or two  years. These 
>are not weedy like the red ones.

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