Manfreda maculosa

Dennis Kramb
Tue, 14 May 2013 11:38:49 PDT
OMG!!!  One of my Manfreda maculosa (PBS BX 284) is sending up a bloom
stalk.  I've been growing this as a *houseplant* (on a *windowsill*!!!)
since sowing them back on Sept. 12, 2011.  I'm totally shocked!  (They did
get to stay outside on the front porch during summer of 2012, though.)

So.... does anyone have M. virginica pollen to send me?  Or better still,
Polianthes tuberosa (single flower form)?  :-)  None of mine have woken up
from winter dormancy yet.

What a great birthday present... and my birthday's not for a couple more
weeks!  <3  Big thanks to Monica Swartz for donating these seeds to the BX!

So Very Happy,
Dennis in Cincinnati

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