Saffron and Opium

Youngs Aberdeen
Thu, 14 Nov 2013 08:40:45 PST
Steven,  I think you are mistaking the nature of the project -
Where did you get the idea that morphine or any dangerous drug
might be extracted from the saffron crocus? I saw nothing in the film
report or text of the story to say that these crocus are on the way to
becoming plants on a banned list - in Australia or anywhere else ?
The idea is for the Afghans to grow and harvest saffron  to tempt them
away from growing the opium poppies. Saffron is the only crop that can
compete financially with the opium crop.  Clearly there will be greater
costs in setting up the saffron farming initially but  it  must be worth 
a try,
I would have thought.


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