potting up Hippeastrum bulb

J.E. Shields jshields@indy.net
Fri, 15 Nov 2013 05:26:40 PST

Since I only grow Hippeastrum in pots, I can offer a bit of advice.

It needs to get roots, so some bottom warmth might be a good idea once it's 
been potted.

Potting mix might best be a mix of regular potting mix and pumice.  I'd try 
use 1 to 1 for now.  Plant the bulb high in the mix, at least half above 
the surface.

Once leaves show, feed weakly with a soluble fertilizer every time you 
water it.  Use 100 ppm nitrogen if you can calculate that.

The hybrids are almost evergreen, and may hold their leaves through their 
rest period.  Still, they will need annual rest periods to rebloom reliably 
in future years.

Have fun!

Jim Shields

At 05:44 PM 11/15/2013 +1300, you wrote:
>It is spring here and it is all go.  Have bought a Hippeastrum Red
>Nymph.  The bulb is bare rooted, getting a bud, just the beginnings of
>the tipof the bud is showing.
>I don't want to plant this one in the garden.  I have a large shallow
>terracotta planter.  Could I use that for it?  As I don't usually grow
>things inpots, this will be a first.  And what sort of mix?  Pumice?
>Orchid mix?  Potting mix?

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