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Thank u Terry & tgats good advice for everyone... Your aggression comment is exactly right.. I have caught thousands of snakes over the years for both venom collection & "free" catch & release..  In that time I have only pushed my welcome twice... One when I was in primary school I steped on a log & squished a Rough Scale & it attacked in fear, I made the mistake of moving & it nearly got me.. The only other time I was on a little tractor & saw a huge 9 foot Eastern Brown where I always walk. These are critically deadly, great eye sight, can be volatile if provoked & one this big hasn't seen a predator for 50 years probably so they are scared of nothing. A 9 foot is the biggest ive ever seen, got too close tractor was small & I frightened it, it rose up to eye level to taste the air, & flicking it's round eraticly means I was in danger because it was agitated & ready to defend it's self.. I through the tractor into reverse & pulled my bare feet back as far as I could & it str
 uck the tire with 3 super hard bites in less than a second or two.. Venom volume from a single bite would kill a half a dozern elephants so I had my heart in my chest that time.. 

As a matter of safety, most of our snakes only have about 4mm long fangs, so thick leather hiking boots & jeans are all it takes to greatly help protect you from all Australian snakes up to about 6ft long, except two.. Tipan & Death Adder will bite through a boot.. I know of someone whos husband kicked a death adder & it killed him with a leg bite.. months later his son decided to use his dads boots & a dried fang was torn out in the boot & he felt a strange prick & died, not realizing it was a fang laden with dried venom.. 

Steven :  )

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> Just to add some extra info re snakes themselves to Steven's excellent
> summary - snakes as you no doubt know can't hear -  my favoured method of
> letting snakes know that I'm around now that they're emerging coming into
> the warmer weather is a heavy step, plus a few strong stomps here and
> there, they'll stop moving when they feel the vibrations until they work
> out what it is.  
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