growing species tulips from seed

Peter Taggart
Thu, 14 Nov 2013 11:45:55 PST
I am sure that they will be OK in the fridge.
Storing seeds in the fridge should be done with the seeds dry or nearly so.
Stratification, (chilling to initiate germination) should be done with the
seeds damp. For this purpose many seeds are best dampened when warm, and
then chilled.

Somewhere I read that tulip seeds shrink if stored for too long, so
probably best kept cool or refrigerated until sowing. I asked a grower of
tulip species about stored seed, a few months ago. He told me that old
seeds can often germinate. (we were talking about  seeds stored at ambient
temperatures.) I respect his opinion very much. Some people prevent
dessication by mixing seeds with dry*ish* peat, or sand, in a plastic bag
before refrigerating.  I would aim to sow in August to October inclusive in
the northern hemisphere,- February -April in the southern hemisphere.  A
gravel topping is fairly important as Tulip seeds can desiccate very easily
as they germinate, as well as having a habit of blowing away. Keep the seed
pots away from hot sun for the same reasons.
Peter (UK)

On Thu, Nov 14, 2013 at 6:43 PM, Ina Crossley <> wrote:

> that means waiting another 6 months to sow.  Are they ok in the
> fridge meanwhile, or what should I do with them?
> Ina
> Ina Crossley
> Auckland New Zealand zone 10a
> On 15/11/2013 7:35 a.m., Peter Taggart wrote:
> > It is probably best to sow them warm in late summer, then chill the pots
> > after 4 weeks, while they are still damp.
> > Peter (UK)

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