Getting Rain Lilies to Bloom

Kathleen Sayce
Sat, 23 Nov 2013 10:01:31 PST
I asked several weeks ago about getting rain lilies to bloom and have found the current comments to be very helpful. I suspected that pots were too small, and now Jim Shields has confirmed this. 

Recently I added gravel to my cold frame, to bring the tops of pots up into the available sunlight area in winter, and when I pulled out the rain lily  pots, several of them had rooted into the gravel below. So, into bigger pots with them. 

Summer drying down is simple to try as well. 

Thanks for all the comments. Now if I could stop the munching of leaves, I'd have much happier plants. 

Kathleen Sayce
South Washington Coast, wet mild winters, dryish summers, zone 8

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