BX 352

Robert Werra robertwerra@pacific.net
Wed, 06 Nov 2013 12:57:40 PST
Re BX352   I sent seeds and cormlets of Moraeas, Calochorti, and Fritillaria to BX 352. As usual all were gone and BX closed in 24 hours. It's against protocol, but I held back about half. Why? Because unless interested persons check their Email several times every day, they will be too late. So for those of you who are sluggards like myself, I have some seeds of Calochortus albus,amabilis,obispoensis,unifloris,venustus (lavender),weedii (yellow), Moraea tripetela, tulbaghensis, polyanthos, vegeta, vespertina and Fritillaria affinis and biflora. They are all winter rainfall so it is not too late to plant in No. hemisphere. If interested, contact me. Seeds, comments, and mailing are free, but a donation to PBS would be welcome.

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