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So, you didn't have to go to your local USDA office to get your ID
verification? That's funny, They wanted me to do that. It's only twenty
miles away but then you have to locate the authorized person. This was for
the small seed lots permit which, when you have it, allows you small seed
quantity imports and holds them for you at the local APHIS station. I have
sent them postage to forward the seeds but mysteriously, the postage was

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Dear Dennis, Richard and all, 

	I can share my success in 'renewing' my small lot of seed import
permit earlier this year.

	As the time for expiration approached, I studied the APHIS pages and
old permit for info about renewal. I could not find exactly what I needed,
but they provide a phone number so I called.  (Of course,) No one answered,
but I left, my name, number and question. I received a return call the next
day and was given some really useful information by an actual helpful

	1. USDA no longer renews permits, but the applicant must submit a
new permit application.

	2. The fastest and most efficient way to get a new permit is to
download the application form from the web and print it out. Fill out the
form completely for mailing, but do not mail it.

	3. FAX the paper application to the FAX number given on the form. I
was assured that faxing had multiple benefits: First it went directly to the
correct office, second it arrived 'immediately' and went into the pile right
away, third conventional mailing might delay receipt for days, a week or
more as it went through the postal system and routing through various USDA
offices, suites, rooms and other routing systems until it got into the right

	I had to figure out how to send a fax (when was the last time you
actually sent a fax?) and received my new permit and import labels in a
couple of weeks. 

	This is about as trouble free as I have had an interaction with the
USDA permit folks. Seems like with their efforts at converting to electronic
records, renewal should be both simpler and faster. At least this worked. 

		Best and good luck.		Jim W. 

On Nov 7, 2013, at 10:08 AM, Dennis Kramb <dkramb@badbear.com> wrote:
> I'm curious to know if other PBS members chose to let theirs expire, 
> or if they renewed it anyway "just in case".  The renewal process 
> looks like a big pain.
> Dennis in Cincinnati

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