Saffron and Opium

Judy Glattstein
Wed, 13 Nov 2013 12:59:42 PST
A BBC World report, about efforts to encouraging the cultivation of 
saffron instead of the massive amounts of opium poppies.

A brief 3 minute video that begins with the saffron, then segues into 
the opium business.

One thought comes to me - the opium poppy is an annual. The plants can 
still produce seed, even after the scarification of the green pod and 
subsequent collection of the crude opium.  Easy to plant the next crop.

As we in PBS all know, saffron crocus grows from a corm. Has to be more 
expensive to plant the first year. And what about subsequent years - is 
it easy to cultivate / maintain a field of saffron crocus?

Judy in New Jersey where an absolutely clear sky is paired with chilly 
temperatures - last night's low was 26 degrees Fahrenheit. Our 3 cats 
are delighted with the wood burning stove. One even slithers underneath 
and basks there.

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