Glow-worms etc.

Fri, 01 Nov 2013 04:13:05 PDT
Shmuel, yes I did know that they are predators of slugs and snails.
We also have slow-worms a kind of legless lizard that eats many gasteropods too.
Hedge-hogs are having a rough time with all the tolls of road kill here.
The french drive too fast!
Against the wild boar I have electric fencing which is effective enough.
I am glad I don't have hyrax!

" Message du 01/11/13 08:08
> De : "Shmuel Silinsky" 
 We have glow worms here in Israel, though I don't know if they
> are closely related. A great advantage - they eat snails!! Also, a
> favorite food of hedgehogs here is snails and slugs. We are plagued by
> imported escargot and I am glad there is some natural control, but still
> doesn't keep those monsters down.
> A new "pest" I've seen in my yard this year is rock hyrax!!! They are
> multiplying like crazy in the native are near me and, alas, there are no
> leopards around to keep their numbers down. Hopefully the eagles will get
> on the job. The hyrax have not bothered my bulbs, but they do go for fruit
> tree leaves etc and are quite good at climbing. A hidden plus: they chase
> feral cats out of my yard!
> But as you all say, that's the joy of an ecosystem."

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