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Mon, 04 Nov 2013 05:48:08 PST
Hi Leo, & others who might encounter an Australian snake on a bulb Expatiation & want a chance of survival... 

Excellent, & I think relevant question Lio, strong numbers of deadly species do live in many Crinum habitats here in the Australian bush & I encounter them on a regular basis... 

Firstly if you startle a snake stay still.. It may raise up & appear like it may strike, a Tipan with dead sharp sight & lightning reflexes may just bite you instantly with out warning, but others will not if u stay dead still !!!! Usually when they rise they are moving into air currants where they can tast air currents to work where & what u are.. To bite it needs to partially recoil... 

Your "ONLY" chance of survival from a fatally toxic Aussie snake is a full length pressure bandage.. 

Use a wide, semi elastic long bandage... If bitten on the hand for example, do not clean, wipe, suck or wash the bite, venom will allow doctors to determan antivenin.. & washing waists precious time.. 

You must stop movement of poison through the lymphatic system, but still allow blood flow... 

Start at bite sight firmly wrap whole limb, like you would a sprained ankle... All the way up to shoulder & all the way back to hand & past bite site to tips of fingers.. Don't move, or walk if possible.. Try to stay calm, keep limb very still.. 

You must first be quick as u can, you may be unconscious in 10 to 15min & you may need heart & lung respiration or you will die... Do this until hospital & you should survive.. Nearly all do : )

I hope this saves a life one day !!!! 

A friends wife got bitten by a small brown snake or perhaps a rough scale snake, she said honey I think a snake bit me on the ankle.. While he waisted time looking for the bite marks & was saying let me know if u feel strange sweetheart, she died because they did not put a pressure bandage on or ring the ambulance.. It was a terribly sad case of poor knowledge... 

Steven :  )

On 03/11/2013, at 3:40 PM, "Leo A. Martin" <> wrote:

>> Pressure bandage is required for all toxic
>> Australian snakes...
> On my next bulb hunting expedition to Australia, if I find myself in the wild, for
> example in the plains where the yellow Crinum grow, and I encounter a poisonous snake, I
> would like to know how to use one of these devices. But first-aid terminology in the US
> seems to be somehow different than in Australia, and here a pressure bandage would be a
> wide bandage applied over a wound to stanch bleeding, so would you mind explaining what
> "pressure bandage" means in Australia? We might save a lot of bulb hunter's lives with
> this information.
> Leo Martin
> Phoenix Arizona USA
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