Getting Rain Lilies to Bloom

Sat, 23 Nov 2013 15:50:47 PST
There are three droughtland species that should perform very well with you: Zephyranthes longifolia, Habranthus concolor and H. inmaculatus, all three winter dormant. H. inmaculatus is a fabulous plant with cork screw broad grey leaves somewhat resembling a tazetta (more properly, Narcissus tortifolius) and very large white flowers. Stunning. H. concolor has sulphur yellow flowers and broad greyish foliage. z. longifolia has long arching narrow leaves and smallish yellow flowers. 

" A large pink-flowered plant with maroon undersides to the straplike leaves grows and
> multiplies just fine in the ground in full sun if it gets some water. It blooms with
> each summer rain, but not necessarily with each watering. In a container, even 1 gallon
> or larger, it often goes dormant for the entire summer. Its leaves emerge when the first
> cool nights occur and it blooms sporadically some time after. Its tunics are dark brown,
> whether wet or dry. It has never set seed, even after hand-pollination with another rain
> lily."

could it be Habranthus martinezi? some clones are strongly self incompatible.


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