sources for bx 353 contribution

Monica Swartz
Wed, 13 Nov 2013 05:36:59 PST
For those folks who track the source of their plants, here's the 
trail before me....   m

16. seed of Manfreda undulata 'chocolate chips' ex Oracle Gorge 
Nursery-- I am guessing that the black seeds are more viable than the 
grey ones, but I don't know.
17. Lachenalia aloides vanzyliae ex bx 181
18. Lachenalia mutabilis electric blue form ex bx 181, gorgeous in 
large groupings
19. Lachenalia aloides quadricolor ex BX 212
20. Lachenalia unicolor dark blues and purples only  ex Telos Rare Bulbs
21. seed of Brunsvigia bosmaniae-- my seeds from Telos bulbs, one 
parent has dense dark pink flowers, the other has more of a 
pink/white bicolored flower on a more open stalk.

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