Crocus & Wheat Embryos
Wed, 06 Nov 2013 19:39:37 PST

I think you'll find the drug colchicine in the "Autumn Crocus" better know as  Colchicum.

A great drug for the treatment of gout.

New Jersey

On 11/06/13, steven hart wrote:

In interesting message someone sent me that the crocus growers might be
interested in..

Steve. I know spectacularly little about bulbs, but it's cool see such

I can tell you that the wheat development program I assisted in a couple of
years could not have happened if not for crocus bulbs...the bulb contains
an extremely dangerous but useful compound called colchicine,which we used
to double chromosome a number of haploid wheat embryos

I don't know anything about it but thought it was amazing.. Not sure I
think its a good idea, but still amazing....
Steven : )
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