Oxalis obtusa planting depth

Michael Mace michaelcmace@gmail.com
Wed, 27 Nov 2013 10:30:36 PST
Rick wrote:

>> Now I'm wondering if they should have been planted a little deeper?

My experience with South African Oxalis in northern California:  

--O. obtusa seems to naturally grow here just below the surface of the soil
in pots -- maybe half an inch down. It'll dig deeper when the pot gets
crowded, but usually it's near the surface. 

--Many of my Oxalis start into growth in August, even if unwatered, so I am
not surprised that yours showed leaves quickly. They were probably ready to
go a month before you planted them. I doubt it has anything to do with
planting depth.
--I live in a fairly sunny part of the state, but even here it's almost
impossible to give them too much sun in the winter. When in full direct sun
all day, most of them grow in nice compact rosettes, with the flowers held
tight to the foliage. When they don't get enough light, they tend to get
stretched out and floppy.

So, since I know they can grow happily when planted shallowly, and I know
they get floppy when they don't get enough sun, I agree with Diana: I bet
yours want more light.

I hope that helps.

San Jose, CA
(zone 9, min temp 20F / -6C)

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