Oxalis obtusa & o.species planting depth?

Diana Chapman rarebulbs@suddenlink.net
Wed, 27 Nov 2013 05:33:00 PST
Hi Rick:

There's actually quite a bit of leeway as far as planting depth is 
concerned,   I often find bulbs at all levels in the pots.  If they are 
floppy, it's probably because the light is not intense enough.  Can you 
move them closer to your light source?  Even as close as a couple of 
inches away from the lights.  The other thing that helps with floppiness 
when growing indoors and in a greenhouse is keeping a fan on them, aimed 
right at them, day and night.  The air currents will help make the stems 
sturdier.  It also helps with fungal disease (which isn't much of a 
problem with oxalis, but you can get rust if the air is moist and stagnant).

> I started a number of bulbs 6 weeks ago, mostly ~1" deep in pots indoors, under lights. Now I'm wondering if they should have been planted a little deeper? I'm using a very fast-draining medium, and the environment is cool. Several of the plants look like they should have been planted at 2-3" depth, since the top growth showed quickly and seems a little floppy. I've added additional material to some of these for support. This is my first time growing these--  I'd appreciate comments and suggestions.
> Thanks!
> --Rick Buell
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