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James Waddick jwaddick@kc.rr.com
Mon, 25 Nov 2013 06:07:06 PST
Dear Friends, 

	Not that I had given any thought to native NZ bulbs, but I am sort of surprised that there is only a single native species :  Iphigenia novae-zelandiae

	It got me thinking and looking. Couldn’t find a single picture of this species in bloom on the web and none of the 10 or so species world wide are shown on the PBS wiki.

	I grew I indica from Chen Yi years ago and was certain I sent a pic to the wiki then. It is an underwhelming plant both in foliage and flower. If I can find those old slides I’ll scan and send in for the wiki. 

	I. indica is tiny;  as I recall only a few inches tall with very thin foliage. Flowers well under an inch in diameter and dark purple- essentially black. Inconspicuous in all ways. I grew it in a small pot for a few years, but too tender to grow outdoors here and I lost it eventually. 

	Has anyone grown any other or showy species of this obscure genus?		Best		Jim

> Jan wrote:
> Wonder why NZ nature didn't create to many geophytes; maybe the climate is too comfi for them so plants do not need to go dormant?

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