APHIS import renewal

penstemon penstemon@Q.com
Thu, 07 Nov 2013 08:52:54 PST
At least you have something to renew. I have applied on a couple of 
occasions and nothing has happened. I filled out the form exactly as 
indicated on the NARGS website. (I worked for a gigantic corporation for 
many years and acquired considerable expertise in filling out all kinds of 
forms, including forms to request forms, and I never, ever write in the 
space which says "do not write in this space".)
I suspect that my name is on some sort of black list, having once been 
accused in print of single-handedly destroying the entire flora of western 
North America by growing a few Turkish alpine plants. ("It's people like you 
who etc." )
True, this has forced me to send rather large amounts of money overseas for 
bulbs instead of seeds (even if the dog has to go without dessert once a 
week, it's worth it), and so maybe it all evens out in the end.
I did send in another application just a couple of weeks ago in any case. 
Hope springs eternal, and all that.

Bob Nold
Denver, Co Z6

I obtained my APHIS small seed lot import permit a few years ago and only
used it 2 times.  Now they're emailing me regularly about it expiring in 3
months, and provided me with convoluted instructions on renewing it.

I'm curious to know if other PBS members chose to let theirs expire, or if
they renewed it anyway "just in case".  The renewal process looks like a
big pain.

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