Saffron and Opium

steven hart
Thu, 14 Nov 2013 09:37:48 PST
Oh thank you for explaining, I could only see part of the vidios because
they were breaking up on me too much, & yes I have misunderstood the
project, because I have missed part of the story...  I thought it meant
substituting saffron for poppies but I misunderstood the reason.  I thought
it meant for its chemical properties, I didn't realize its to grow for
saffron silly me, I thought it meant as a chemical substitute....

And no it didn't say crocus was going on any banned list in Australia,
I said, if it could be used for chemical properties it would get banned
here very quickly.
Sorry I misunderstood the project.. So yes it would be great if they grew
saffron instead of poppies...

On 15 November 2013 02:40, Youngs Aberdeen

> Steven,  I think you are mistaking the nature of the project -
> Where did you get the idea that morphine or any dangerous drug
> might be extracted from the saffron crocus? I saw nothing in the film
> report or text of the story to say that these crocus are on the way to
> becoming plants on a banned list - in Australia or anywhere else ?
> The idea is for the Afghans to grow and harvest saffron  to tempt them
> away from growing the opium poppies. Saffron is the only crop that can
> compete financially with the opium crop.  Clearly there will be greater
> costs in setting up the saffron farming initially but  it  must be worth
> a try,
> I would have thought.
> M
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