New members and meetings

Peter Franks
Mon, 04 Nov 2013 16:13:38 PST
Hi to all

Thanks for the welcome, Jane

I live in Sydney, Australia where the weather is currently cloudy and cool
with a southerly breeze. Current temp. around 16 C

Our weather is still extremely dry, hardly any rain since winter. I guess
some of you will have heard about our early bushfire season

Among bulbs my current interest is Lycoris. I grow only a few, those being
our locally available commercial clones of Ll. aurea, elsiae and radiata

I would say my interest is currently academic as so many suitable plants are
unavailable here. 

Illustrations in Philip Adam's recent Herbertia article and Tony Avent's
Lycoris gallery have me salivating with envy

I have many questions and hope that some of you good folk may be able to
provide some answers for me

I look forward to many interesting posting in future


Peter Franks

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A good number of people have recently joined PBS, and welcome to them 
all. This is a good time of year to join because you get the 
remainder of 2013 and all of 2014 for one annual dues payment.

If you're a current member, don't forget that renewal dues payment is 
due on January 1. You can pay with PayPal via the PBS website.

We are developing clusters of members in various parts of North 
America and beyond. Nhu Nguyen organized a very successful meeting in 
Berkeley a while back. This would be a good time to think about 
planning get-togethers in late winter or early spring, when so many 
of our favorite plants are in bloom. These don't have to be major 
efforts. Perhaps some Saturday people could meet for a potluck lunch, 
a sharing of photos on a portable screen or television, and visits to 
a couple of nearby gardens. I'm thinking of combining a PBS event 
with one of the annual early spring garden tours our NARGS chapter 
organizes, for example.

If you're interested in organizing such an event, please write to me 
directly and I can provide you with the names and e-mail addresses of 
PBS members in your local area.

Best regards,
Jane McGary
Membership Coordinator, PBS

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