weather in Europe

Johannes-Ulrich Urban
Fri, 01 Nov 2013 13:25:00 PDT
Dear Shmuel,

Thank you for asking how we are in Europe! Well.... I cannot speak for
Europe, only for my area in Northern Germany. We had a desastrous
flooding in summer, the water took a long time to disappear and some
specialists said that the long term damage to treens might only be
visible next year or even later.
Myself I was spared.
No flooding at the moment here.
Recently we had a gale that did a lot of damage all over Germany and
Europe, even many deaths. Myself I was spared as well except broken
pots. Every pot that could fall over did so. The gale gave the garden an
autumn finish....
Nerine bowdenii two different forms are in bloom in the garden inspite
of the weather and setting fat seed. So far the weather has been
frost-free so that many of my tuberous and bulbous plants are still out
in the garden going dormant slowly. I prefer to let them go dormant in
their own pace rather than stop them brutally by frost or chopping
everything off. Corms, bulbs and tubers are much fatter since I do that.
It involves a lot of extra work because pots have to  be moved out of
the rain.
Especially Gesneriads like to go dormant slowly, so my greenhouse and
some rooms of the house are full of miserable looking plants about to go
dormant..... not the best time of the year.... but promises for next
summer lurk in the pots.

Greetings from Germany,


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