Cleaning collected seeds

David Pilling
Tue, 05 Nov 2013 08:06:34 PST

I let the seeds dry in a paper bag, give the bag a good bashing, then 
try to pour out the seeds and not the chaff onto a sheet of paper.

I have a 'tray' (a paper box lid), with several sheets of paper in, I 
keep sifting the seed from a sheet of paper in my hand to one in the box 
lid. Usually going via sieves of various sizes.

On this experience, shaking an inclined sheet of paper seems to set up a 
particle size gradient, if I was going to make a desktop seed cleaning 
machine that is where I would start.

However people have already had a go at the problem of home made seed 
cleaning machines and posted videos:

As to allium. Something I only picked up on recently, is that when one 
sees a tumbleweed, what is going on is seed dispersal. I've seen the 
seed heads from alliums blow down my street and thought "just like a 

I also find it hard to get the seeds out of allium, maybe one could copy 
this natural mechanism for extracting the seeds.

David Pilling

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