Floods and wild animals

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Fri, 01 Nov 2013 10:10:16 PDT
I am always very happy when I see a fox in residence on my property. They 
keep the bunny population down. Bunnies are by far the biggest problem. We 
resorted to getting a bale of hay in winter just for them to distract them 
from munching on my choice shrubs. It is always the one I paid $50 for or 
more and it is not possible to protect everything they might take fancy to 
any particular winter. Yes, I do have a dog but she does not roam at night. 
Even a big Doberman would have little chance against a well organized pack 
of coyotes. Maybe your fox was looking for mice? Foxes do eat our apples 
though but I do not know about carrots.

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Up here in Sweden we ducked the storm, they warned a lot but it mostly 
petered out. But I see they're warning for more floods in Southern England.
We have plenty of animals here on the west coast of Sweden, I saw a moose 
went through our garden last weekend, they can be a real nuisance if they 
take a fancy to one of your trees, there won't be much left. We have deer, 
badgers squirrels, water rats, salamanders,snakes, frogs, toads you name it! 
Slugs and deer cause us most grief.  This year we've had a fox digging 
around in our vegetables. Gardening up here has it's ups and downs, and 
animals are all part of the package.
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