Old Seed From BX 350

D.W. Fletcher dwfletcher@verizon.net
Sat, 16 Nov 2013 16:53:31 PST
Hello I am a new member from Texas. My wife and I just got in this hobby a couple of months ago after getting lots of help from Mary Sue. She sent us some really nice bulbs, and we caught the fever. We are from Texas, the north eastern part. 

Recently I received some seeds from BX 350. In the BX it stated this from Dell:

Dylan Hannon has donated a batch of seeds that have been in cold dry storage for a considerable amount of time. Our hope is that those of you who receive these seeds will keep a record of germination rates and share it with the rest of us via the list. Our hunch is that, when some kinds of seeds are properly stored, they may retain viability for much longer than common wisdom dictates. Most of these seeds come with provenance information and the date of collection. ONE packet which contains a generous number of seeds is available of each taxon.

I received:

16. Moraea ciliata, ex Sutherland, Lavranos 30469, 2008

On Dell's request to inform the list of germination, my seeds germinated on 11-13-1013. I planted them on on 10-25-13. I would guess around 40--50 have germinated so far, and again it says they were collected in 2008. 

Thank you,

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