wildlife in the city

Theladygardens@aol.com Theladygardens@aol.com
Fri, 01 Nov 2013 13:54:19 PDT
I was gone most of the last year and many wild animals moved into my  
garden.  I now have a coyote living there and have left him alone because  he is 
taking care of the many bunnies and rats that moved in.  Of course  the 
garden became an overgrown mess while I was gone.  I'm working on it 6'  at a 
A couple of years ago we had a flock of wild turkeys in the garden every  
morning.  There were 2 mothers and 11 babies.  We were having a large  yearly 
picnic on the party patio and expecting 85 guests.  My husband said  
"wouldn't it be nice if the turkeys showed up in the garden so people could see  
them".  Well, they did, all of the tablecloths and decorations were ready,  
it was about 10 minutes before the guests arrived and the turkeys showed  up. 
 They messed all over everything, walked up the double wide staircase  to 
the house and messed over it seems every inch.  We were frantic changing  
tablecloths, mopping up and hosing down the patio, steps and such as fast as we 
 could.  Everything was clean but very wet when the guests arrived. And  of 
course the turkeys flew off.   We don't wish for such things  anymore.

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