APHIS import renewal versus actual Seed import

B Spencer bea.spencer@sympatico.ca
Fri, 08 Nov 2013 06:17:20 PST
After reading about your trials and tribulations with obtaining seeds in the 
USA and feeling immensely sorry for all you guys I finally am able to 
appreciate fully the fact that nobody in Canadian Ministry of Agriculture 
had the brilliant idea to follow the suit and institute a similar obstacle 
course for the humble hobbyists.  Maybe I spoke too soon and it is coming. 
In the meantime I enjoy being able to  order seeds from seed houses from all 
over the world and always receive them with no problems.
Like many other members I also enjoy stories about the gardening challenges 
members have to put up with in different situations. As everything in life 
this helps to  put my problems in perspective  and the wonderful advice that 
so many  more knowledgeable  than I am members give helps me to be more 
successful in my effort.
Bea in Ontario  zone 5

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I'm sorry to hear about these mishaps(het hem) with seed importation. I
thought my case was a fluke, but now  I hear that it wasn't just me. 

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