Native bulbs New Zealand

Jan willem Overmars
Sun, 24 Nov 2013 13:09:12 PST
Hello Pacific Bulbs Society,
After finding and using your Wiki pages for dozen of times I thought lets introduce myself to all the bulbmania around the pacific :-)

I'm Jan, living in the Netherlands, and I am a bulbmaniac myself (we also sell them, see our collection @ This January I'll be visiting New Zealand and I would like to see native bulbs of NZ and visit the places where they grow (gardens, nature reservations, or growers). Problem is, with google ("bulbs new zealand" or ": native bulbs NZ") I only find Daffodils retailers based in NZ, but well, we have plenty of them here in the Netherlands, so that is not so interesting for me. 

I was wondering if there are members in NZ (or somewhere else) who would be able tell me more about this subject.

Looking forward to hear from you,
Jan willem, The Netherlands (hardiness zone unknown: We don't really use that system here: Holland is small enough for two categories: hardy or not hardy).

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