dormancy question

Tim Chapman
Sat, 05 Oct 2013 03:00:47 PDT

> The first plant is Globba winitii. I was given a small plant last year
> and kept it going over winter. It had one or two flowers 

The deciduous gingers really need to have their dormancy and if kept up too long will eventually have problems.   It sounds like yours is certainly large enough to go dormant (actually even tiny seedlings can handle dormancy).  I would enjoy the blooms for now but begin easing off the water.   Cooler temps and drier conditions will start dormancy.  

Just remember soil temps are what break dormancy in gingers, not time or water etc.  For many areas they are the absolute last perennials to sprout.    

On a side over the last several years many new pendant Globba have been introduced as G winitii but are certainly different species , many still undescribed.  The true G winitii has a very unique leaf type not seen in any other species.  It's heart shape leaf base extends beyond where the leaf attaches to the petiole and the "lobes" are often overlapping.  

Tim Chapman

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