"Commercial" Freesias

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Tue, 29 Oct 2013 04:21:13 PDT
Hello all,
I agree with Alberto. These species  are some time grown in a 
southernhemiphere cycle:
planted in our spring- flowering in the cool summer  (Holland), harvesting 
late autumn  --   in warm  storage in the winter (to imitate  a summer 
Sometimes I get these bulbs from Holland  and plant them immediately in 
January. In spite of the very short  warm dormancy, they start growing, 
generally don't flower and die down  in August during our hot summer.  They 
pick up the normal meditterranean cycle  with emergence in October. This is 
just same procedure when getting corms from South Africa.
  But if planted in April (instead of January), they might flower and then 
dissappear forever.


Lauw de Jager
South of France 

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Something similar is when they give Ixias, Sparaxis, Babianas and Tritonias 
a period of mild "winter" so they can be planted in SPRING to flower in late 
spring/summer but then they are uselss for a future season.


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