Wildlife in the City

Shirley Meneice meneice@ATT.net
Thu, 31 Oct 2013 20:57:47 PDT
Yes, they are all good to eat.  Make great sausage, steaks and roasts.
Don't be fooled by their looks -- ugly.  They are very tastey.  At least the
ones here in central Calif. are!

	Shirley Meneice

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The European wild boar is actually very good to eat, lean dark meat unless 
of course like with everything you get a very old boar (you know "the trophy

kind"). Don't you guys read anything into my comments, though, please. Still

it is  a pest destroying potato fields. They are also moving into populated 
areas rooting in garbage, much like bears in out neck of the woods. I 
understand, though that the North American kind is a cross between the 
domestic one and the imported wild kind and is altogether a different 
matter. Is it edible? Anybody in the crowd is a hunter, or hangs around with

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Dread the day feral pigs move into the neighborhood.  A problem in the
South and West, they have recently been reported in upstate New York.

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