minor corrections to BX 351

Monica Swartz eciton@alumni.utexas.net
Wed, 30 Oct 2013 08:04:15 PDT
Since you'all will be receiving your boxes of goodies any day now, I 
thought I would correct one confusing misspelling in the listing. 
#4--Albuca glandulifolia should be Albuca glandulifera. Those Albuca 
are confusing enough. Also, I can't take credit for contributing #9.

For those who want to follow the source chain:
Albuca glandulifera, ex Jim Duggan Flower Nursery
Albuca juncifolia, ex BX 236
Albuca namaquensis, ex BX 174
Lachenalia liliflora, ex BX 181
Polyxena ensifolia, ex Jim Duggan Flower Nursery
Polyxena paucifolia, ex BX 242
Ornithogalum reverchonii, ex BX 290
Tritonia dubia, ex BX 241

Monica Swartz in Austin, TX 8b Warm and humid

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