Subject: Did anyone on this forum ever use Electromagnetic Energy.....

Paul Cumbleton
Wed, 23 Oct 2013 10:15:24 PDT
Michael, This "technology" was recently discussed in New Scientist magazine
(25 Sept 2013 issue, page64). They clearly think it belongs in the snake oil
category. They say that while there is some scientific backing that treating
water this way might affect some of its properties, "there is no published
evidence that this includes enhancing the growth of plants" As regards Kew
endorsing it, the magazine contacted Kew for confirmation. Their reply was:
" Kew has not endorsed the Vi-Aqua products since 2009. A recent press
article in the Irish Independent that mentioned this endorsement and
activities by Kew around it was inaccurate". New Scientist expressed
surprise that Kew had ever taken the product seriously.


Paul Cumbleton


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