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Youngs Aberdeen
Thu, 24 Oct 2013 11:19:19 PDT
Subject: International Rock Gardener e-magazine 

IRG  46 - October 2013     ISSN 2053-7557…

Is there any wonder that gardeners are always talking about the weather when there seems 

to be little in the way of steady seasonal temperatures  in the last year or so ? 

Here in the UK we are hurtling from sunshine that promises "shirt sleeve weather" 

to sharp overnight frosts. In Australia there are reports of  terrible fires threatening life and 

homes and other friends are worrying about unaturally hot days that are putting paid to flowers at a fast rate. 

We can but hope that the IRG provides a spot of gentle relief from such stresses as Grahame Ware praises  

a Lewisia named for a film star, we view some great plants from the region of Karabet Pass and find a plea not to 

ignore a remarkable tulip.

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