Hardiness of Zephyranthes foliage

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That is very helpful!  Were the clones you distributed distinct and if so, did you ever name any of them?  The clone we have grows beautiful, but is very shy to flower.  It would be nice if there were a more prolifically flowering clone.  Thanks.

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It was my collection in the wild years ago before a huge dam covered its wet feet riverine habitat. Several clones were collected and distributed to a number of people. Most died despite the detailed habitat description. Even today one sees photos of flowers "dying of thirst". 

It is a species for sunny hot climates with good iirrigation and under these conditions it clumps rapidly looking like lawns of Ophiopogon japonicum (in a fresher green). It has been grown well in Australia. And no, every seedling and plant in the wild looked the same. 


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