Luring in younger bulb growers

Ina Crossley
Thu, 17 Oct 2013 21:28:17 PDT
When I first went on Facebook, to see what the family was doing, I was 
not sure of what was what.  And didn't pursue it further. Facebook had 
such bad connotations!  Then was added to a bulb group, and over time 
have learned how to not have all those adds, how not to receive what I 
don't want, it is all there, it just takes a time of learning, like 
anything else.

Knowledge is more easily available.  I do miss that one cannot search 
things, but it took me ages to find my way around the wiki and I 
certainly have not got to the end of that either.  I think I spent more 
time hunting for info on the wiki, than asking on Facebook.  Which is 
where the beginners are.

Have been "chatting" on FB with a young woman who is very interested in 
growing bulbs, but needs easy info.

If you want the young gardeners, or even those not yet gardeners but 
grow a bulb or a plant, it is Facebook where they are.

I do not know how to link all that knowledge in the wiki to Facebook.  
There must be ways.


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