Chernoff, Ellen A. G. echernof@iupui.edu
Fri, 18 Oct 2013 13:07:43 PDT
I like Facebook, when used cautiously.  I have learned bulb-related 
things from the various groups I belong to that have been very helpful 
and I love seeing how others are growing species "amaryllises".  I 
always check the Web and the scientific literature, when possible, 
before adopting a culture procedure but Facebook is a good supplement.  
I found the Pacific Bulb Society in a Google search that led me to the 
plant pictures and descriptions, originally, but didn't join until 
someone mentioned the List and the BXs in a bulb group  Facebook post.  
A more extensive FB page could let people know the range of resources 
on the PBS website to avoid ownership issues with images.  A closed 
site that people have to join would minimize inappropriate postings.
-Ellen Chernoff

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