Ipomoea batatas

Aad van Beek avbeek1@hotmail.com
Wed, 16 Oct 2013 13:42:02 PDT
Every year I put some sweet potatoes (ipomoea batatas) in a container. Let them grow and at the end of the season the root has grown a bit. It is possible to overwinter the root in a paper bag. It is just for fun but the root and leaves are not spectacular.

This year I saw some plants with unusual color and shape. Seems they were also ipomoea batatas. Here are some photos. https://dropbox.com/sh/jeb9qa3lfa5r7ss/…  Cuttings root easily on water. But till now there is no sign of tubers that are thickening.

Does anyone know if these cultivars form tubers or do I have to get them through the winter period growing as evergreen plants at normal room temperature.

Groningen, Holland, Zone 8

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